Why Host a Powerpod Kiosk?

Our Kiosks are not only attractive and useful to your customers, they're a huge plus and an investment for your business, too.

An Effortless Revenue Stream

There’s no financial cost to your business and, once your Kiosk is in place, we take care of the rest from stock replenishment to customer service. All that's left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the financial benefits.

Increased Foot Traffic to Your Venue

Many of our customers make special trips to visit our Kiosks and they then become your customers too!  We promote all Kiosks online via our Kiosk Locator and our Facebook page.

Optimum Customer Experience

If your customers are getting the most from their mobile devices, they're more likely to stick around.  They’re also free to engage with your integrated marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Customer Safety and Security

Investing in a Kiosk shows your customers that you care about their safety and comfort. With Powerpod products, your customers will always have a charged mobile device to check the train timetable, book a cab or even call the police in an emergency.

Projecting Your Business as Forward-Thinking and Innovative

Powerpod Kiosks have sleek designs and when combined with the attractive and innovative products on display, the result is a stylish enhancement to your venue that shows your customers you're embracing the future. 

Introducing Powerpod Kiosks
Kiosk Options
Kiosk Replenishment

Enquire now for more information on Powerpod Kiosks at kiosks@powerpod.net