FAQs for Before You Buy

Will my Powerpod work with my phone/device?

Yes! Powerpod power banks are compatible with all mobile phones. You just need to ensure you have the necessary cable or adapter for your device. Most power banks come with a micro USB charge cable included, which can be used to recharge the power bank, as well as your micro USB device. 

iPhone users must buy or use your existing Lightning cable / adapter. Powerpod power banks can also be used to charge tablets such as iPads.

USB Type-C users generally must buy or use your existing USB-C cable (please check the product you purchased to confirm, as some products come with a USB-C cable, such as the Air 10 Plus and Air 20 Max). 

The Air 20 Max can be used to charge compatible USB-C laptops.

How quickly will it recharge my phone?

It depends on the output of the power bank, and if/how you're using the device while it's charging. Most power banks have a 2A output option, which will recharge approximately 1% per minute (or 100% in about 80 minutes). 1A output will recharge slightly slower.

Some power banks, such as Air 10 Plus and Air 20 Max, offer Fast Charge for compatible devices and cables. To enjoy the fastest charge, use a USB-C cable (e.g. USB-C to Lightning Cable or USB-C to USB-C cable).

Can I recharge my Powerpod? How?

Yes! Each Powerpod comes with a cable that connects to any USB wall charger, USB car charger or computer USB port capable of charging.

Plug the micro USB cable into the IN port of your Powerpod and the USB end into your computer or wall charger.

If it's the first time you've charged it, or if you haven't used it for a month or more, charge your Powerpod for at least 15 hours to get the very best from it.

How many times can my Powerpod be recharged?

Roughly 500. Sweet! After that, its capacity may degrade. (We all get tired.)

How many charges would my device get from my Powerpod?

Most smart phone batteries range in capacity from around 1800 mAh (e.g. iPhone 8) to 3500 mAh (e.g. Galaxy S8 Plus)

The approximate number of charges to an idle smart phone are:

Air 3: 1 x 90% charge

Air 5: 2 x 100% charge

Air 8: 3 x 100% charge

Air 10: 4 x 100% charge

Air 10 Plus: 4 x 100% charge

Air 20 Max: 8 x 100% charge

Multi-Functional Power Bank: 3 x 100% charge

Beautique Starlight Mirror and Power Bank: 2 x 100% charge

Van Buuren Speaker and Power Bank: 1 x 70% charge

Van Buuren TWS Earphones and Power Bank: 1 x 65% charge

The exact number of charges varies depending on the device and use whilst charging.

Are the adapters and cables included with the Powerpod?

Most Powerpod power banks come with a short micro USB cable.  Our Air 10 Plus and Air 20 Max also include a USB to USB-C cable.  (**Please note the Multi-Functional Power bank does not come with any cables as it is recharged directly from a wall outlet.)

Are my Powerpod and accessories covered by a warranty?

Yes. 12 month warranty. Details here.

What's your return policy?

14 day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty. Details here.


Are the Lightning adapters and cables Apple certified?

Yes. All Apple products sold by Powerpod are MFi certified.

 Is it compatible with foreign connectors? Can I use it in other countries?

Sure thing. Powerpods use the USB standards which are universal across the world. (You may require an adapter for your computer or USB wall charger.)

Can I use this on a plane?

Yes. If anyone objects, send them our way.  

Do you have a question that isn’t listed or want to learn more about any of our products? Give our support line a call at 1 300 791 730 or email us at support@powerpod.net.