FAQs for After You Buy (Tech Support)

Are my Powerpod and accessories covered by a warranty?

Yes. A 12 month warranty. Details here.

What's your return policy?

14 day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty. Details here.

My Powerpod isn’t charging my phone. Is it broken?

Ensure that you’ve tried fully charging your Powerpod by leaving it plugged in to a USB wall charger or computer overnight (using the micro USB cable that came with your Powerpod). The indicator light should be on. If not, try using another micro USB cable.

How do I recharge my Powerpod?

Use the micro USB cable provided in the box to recharge your Powerpod. Plug the USB end into any USB charger (as you would with your mobile phone).

My Powerpod's been charging for ages but the lights are still red. Is that normal?

The first time you charge your Powerpod after it’s been dormant for a month or more (eg. when new), it can take 12 hours or more to activate the device. After that, it will take 2 to 6 hours to recharge your Powerpod depending on the model – the higher the capacity, the longer it will take to recharge.

I’ve had my Powerpod for over 12 months and it’s not charging my phone as fully as it used to. Is that normal?

Yes. As with any lithium ion battery, your Powerpod has a life span of around 500 cycles. Taking proper care of your Powerpod (keeping it out of hot environments, emptying the battery completely every few months, etc.) will help it last longer.