What Our Customers Say

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Here's what some of you think:

Great product! It works brilliantly with most phones.” Arianne, October 2013

Saved by the Pod. The Powerpod... My new best friend.” Becca, October 2013

Hey guys, love your product! As a frequent traveller it has been an absolute god-send! I give it a 10/10 and have recommended it to all of my friends with smart phones.” Danielle, September 2013

New design slimline Powerpod? Just saw them at Southern Cross Station, they look slick!Shane, August 2013

Best $50 I've spent!!! So taking my Powerpod to Europe. what a life saver!” Amber, July 2013

My bro and I picked one of these up today and we love them! Thanks, awesome product.” Dhe, Feb 2013


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